Croce to speak on mindfulness, leadership at WCU – The Unionville Times

Mindfulness is a skill learned through cultivating your potential to pay close attention to what’s going on within and around you in the present moment. It’s a great approach to train the mind to observe things without judgment, but with acceptance.

The Unionville TimesCroce to speak on mindfulness, leadership at WCUThe Unionville TimesOne of Philly’s favorite sons is now embracing a different skill set – an inner strength and peacefulness found through contemplative studies like mindfulness, yoga and meditation. This ground-breaking discipline has been proven to reduce stress, and …and more »…Croce to speak on mindfulness, leadership at WCU – The Unionville Times

If you’re searching for simple ways to practice meditation, it’s useful to have a guide to help you get started. Most beginners like to start with Guided meditation. This form of meditation can be experienced by paying attention to a voice that is either coming from a meditation teacher in front of you, or from a recording. Find out more about guided meditation and other excellent methods on this site.

Practicing meditation regularly helps make it much easier for you to keep your mind from wandering. There are different kinds of meditation, one is Walking meditation. Walking meditation involves focusing your mind on the entire experience of taking a walk. Discover more about how to practice this technique by visiting the links below.


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