Health Notes –

A growing number of companies are encouraging their staff to practice mindfulness and meditation. These are skills that help create a happier and more productive workforce. Mindfulness helps enhance focus and keeps employees from wasting their energy. It helps them attain a clear mind, which makes it possible for them to learn how to respond positively to difficult circumstances.

Health Notesgoskagit.comLearn simple meditation techniques to help alleviate stress, mild depression and anxiety. $39. To register, call Skagit Regional Health at 360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481. SPANISH FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: with Sarah Rowan: 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. …and …Health Notes –

One way of getting motivated to practice meditation on a regular basis is to find ways of making each of your meditation sessions enjoyable. We help create happy and confident meditators by taking the struggle out of your practice. Learn ways to start enjoying your daily practice by looking into our meditation courses right here.

Want to feel and look younger? Most long term meditators claim that they feel and look much younger than their age. Find out how to meditate from the list of related topics below.


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