Mindful of others – IIHF

Meditation is a great tool that can help clear your mind of unfavorable thoughts, and shift your focus to the things that are going right instead. Practicing meditation on a regular basis allows you to rest your mind, and give it a break from unhelpful thoughts. If you’re new to the idea of meditation, there are simple meditation techniques to help you start in finding out how to meditate.

Mindful of othersIIHFMindful of others. Zuccarello focused on altruism, comeback. 10.12.2015. Back. Mats Zuccarello represented Norway at many international events, most recently at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images. SUNRISE, USA …and more »…Mindful of others – IIHF

Are you interested to find out how to start learning to meditate? A good way to start is to learn the basic skills from a professional teacher who can explain them to you well.

Do you prefer to practice meditation in an active way? Learn more about mediattion and mindfulness, and start experiencing a daily treat that you can take joy in. You can also visit the sites listed below.


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